Torta Tenerina

This delicious cake was baked about 100 years ago for royal visitors. It was so tasty that it has being baked ever since.

- 100g butter
- 200g dark chocolate
- 60g cocoa powder
- 120g unrefined sugar
- 3 tbsp milk
- 3 eggs
- pinch of salt
- caster sugar

Pour the water into the larger saucepan and bring to boil. Place the bowl into the saucepan and put there chopped chocolate. Stir until the chocolate melts. Then cut the butter and place it gradually into the chocolate, stir until it is melt.

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Whisk the yolks with sugar and then add melted chocolate, milk, cocoa powder. Whisk the whites into the firm peaks. Add them into the chocolate mixture and lightly stir.

Pour the mixture into the buttered cake pan and bake for 30 minutes.

Dust the cake with the caster sugar before serving.

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