This recipe is adapted from the Italian cook Emanuel Ridi.


- 2 eggs
- 200 unrefined sugar
- 125g almonds (with the skin)
- 125g blanched almonds
- 125g hazelnuts
- 250g plain flour
- 2 tbsp baking powder
- 2 tbsp lemon zest
Whisk the eggs with the sugar and lemon zest. Then add all the almonds and hazelnuts, baking powder and finally flour. Stir well.

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Place the parchment on the baking tray and shape the dough into two logs. Bake them about 25 minutes. Cut the logs into the slices when the logs are still hot! Then lay them on a baking tray and put them into the oven, but just to dry them so the oven is turned off.

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