Red Currant Syrup

This syrup is a most delicious. I love its tart flavour and I cook it every year.


- 2 kg stemmed fresh red currant ( a little bit over 2 lb)
- 2 liters of water ( 3,5 pints)
- juice from one lemon
- 1 kg unrefined sugar ( 1 3/4 pints)

Rinse red currants and then drain them. Put all the red currants into the large bowl and add boiling water. Add lemon juice. Let stand at room temperature 24 hours.

Use a sieve or a piece of cloth which should be thin. Strain the red currants and gently press them.

Let the water pour into the larger pot. Then add sugar into the water and bring to boil. Remove the foam and then pour the syrup into the clean jars of bottles. Store the bottles in the cool room or cellar or fridge.

Note: Everyone has a different sense of taste so if the syrup seems to be less sweet to you, add extra sugar during the cooking.

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