Healthy Twix Bars

Resource: Peachypalate

For base:
- 4oz almond meal (or grate almonds)
- 1 1/2oz Medjool dates
- 2tsp vanilla extract

For filling:
- 3 1/2oz Medjool dates
- 1oz coconut oil
- 1 tbs water
- 1 tbs cocoa powder

For frosting:
- 1 1/2oz dark chocolate
- 1oz coconut oil

Blend dates to paste and add almond meal and vanilla extract and mix it until it is combined.
Spread it over the parchment paper and press the dough with your palms. Let it cool in the freezer about 20 minutes.

Prepare the filling. Blend the dates, then add some oil and water and cocoa powder and mix it well. Spread it over the base and return it to the freezer for other 20 minutes.

Heat the coconut oil and add the chocolate, stir until the frosting is smooth.
Get the dough with the filling out of the freezer and cut into bars, then spread the chocolate frosting over every bar. Let cool in the fridge.

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